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We identify the BI solutions that can really take companies to the next level – and implement them. Our focus is on the real estate sector. We understand the challenges, the business processes and the optimisation potential of the industry. This is where we are at home.

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More insights.
Better decisions.
Improved results.

Whether you are an investment manager, asset manager, developer, or property manager, working with real estate means working with a wealth of complex information. We support you in mastering this complexity by linking data from a wide variety of sources, automating KPIs, and generating reports at the click of a button. Our solutions identify hidden connections, giving you more information at a glance than ever before and allowing you to make faster data-driven decisions and achieve better results.


Off-the-shelf or custom-built - we develop the best solutions for you.


Business Intelligence is the process of mapping, visualising, evaluating and using data. Typical use cases in the real estate sector include:

  • ESG (e.g. monitoring and reporting consumption data, ESG scores, and benchmarking)
  • Budget planning and management (e.g. plan vs. actual, target vs. actual, actual vs. actual)
  • Automated reports and KPIs (e.g. WALT, vacancy rate, advance service charge payments, operating expense ratios, over- and underrent, tenant churn, etc.)
  • Identifying potential investments (e.g. automated analysis of market and sub-market data)
  • Process digitalization (e.g. resource allocation and acquisition processes)
  • Risk analysis (e.g. benchmarking and monitoring insurance-related risks, such as flood and credit risks)


MORE than just BI

Business intelligence unlocks incredible potential for companies, especially in the real estate sector. Technically, almost anything is now possible. The real art is to evaluate the myriad of possibilities and choose only the ones that will deliver the greatest benefits.

valesa offers you more than just BI solutions, more than just software. You also profit from our expertise and experience. We are by your side every step of the way on your BI journey. We show you what is possible and how to use BI to advance your business.

Das ist valesa

Who & What: This is valesa!

Our core service is enabling real estate companies to become more agile and to manage their challenges better, faster and more efficiently. We unleash the potential of Business Intelligence and meld over 15 years of industry expertise with cutting-edge BI tools and capabilities.


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The valesa solution =
infinite insights

Boundless data and an unlimited number of potential combinations. valesa lets you understand complex relationships at a glance, which means you can make better decisions and make them faster than you ever thought possible. You can find specific examples of what this could mean for your business in our Use Cases.

Use Cases

valesa offers purpose-built Business Intelligence solutions for the Real Estate sector.

What our customers say

CFO der BEOS AG (and COO of Union Investment RE since 2020) - Dr. Christoph Holzmann

Thanks to valesa’s comprehensive BI solution, we have been able to save resources, automate reporting processes, and make data-driven decisions to better steer the development of our company. I am highly satisfied with what we have achieved together and have no doubt that valesa contributes real added value to the real estate industry.

CFO of Aventos Management GmbH - Matthias Hillebrand

valesa provides us with invaluable insights into completely new aspects of our business and helps us achieve greater transparency in practically all areas. This enables us to work faster and more efficiently and make better business decisions. There are investments that are simply worth it. BI with valesa definitely falls into that category.

Partner at Audit Tax & Consulting Services GmbH - Tina Glimm

In close collaboration with valesa, we have implemented Business Intelligence throughout our law firm, not only accelerating our existing processes, but also opening up new opportunities and business areas.

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