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Of course, anyone can use a screwdriver to hammer a nail into a wall. But you can do it far more efficiently with a hammer. You can also collate and analyse all of a company's data with Excel. Or you can do it better with valesa's BI solutions. We develop the tools to help you master your challenges.

This is BI: Easier. Faster. More.

All BI solutions follow the same basic principle: Data from different sources are merged into one single source and evaluated with the aid of automated technologies. By visualising these data, you can understand even the most complex relationships at a glance. This is more than just an idea. It is a revolution!                                                                                                       Do you want daily plan vs. actual/target vs. actual comparisons for your entire property portfolio? And all this at the push of a button while you enjoy your morning coffee? Well, thanks to valesa that is exactly what you get! Would you also like to be able to combine market data (e.g. rent index and standard land value data), location data (e.g. public transport connections and school density) to identify investment opportunities with just a few mouse clicks? Well, you can do all that too! Here are just some of the areas of application in which BI solutions for the real estate industry are already proving their value:


Sustainability is the major trend in the real estate industry. We support you in mastering all of your ESG challenges – from evaluating the consumption data supplied by smart meters to automatically reading energy certificates and fulfilling future reporting requirements, e.g. in compliance with Germany’s updated Heating Costs Ordinance.

Budget Planning and Management

At company level, portfolio level, or for individual properties – every company creates plans and every company keeps accounts. Usually, however, planning and accounting are implemented in separate systems. This makes it extremely time-consuming to perform a comprehensive comparison of planned vs. actual or target vs. actual data. Worse still, such comparisons are often already out of date by the time they are completed. We connect different software solutions with each other, enabling you to run fully automated plan vs. actual and target vs. actual comparisons, updated daily and presented using clear on-screen visuals.

Automated Reports and KPIs

Valesa’s internal and external reporting features bring together a vast array of data, figures and KPIs from different software solutions. Creating reports from these data manually, for example in Excel, is time-consuming, tedious and likely to lead to mistakes. We automate the entire process, freeing up valuable (human) resources for other tasks. The reports and KPIs that we can automate for you include WALT, vacancy rates, advance service charge payments, operating expense ratios, over- and underrent, and tenant churn.

Identifying Potential Investments

Being able to evaluate values and value potentials efficiently and accurately is a key factor in identifying the most attractive investment opportunities. We provide you with powerful solutions that combine a wide range of data sources to highlight the most interesting properties and investment opportunities – for example, by mapping market data (e.g. rent index, market rent, standard land values, etc.) and location data (e.g. public transport, accessibility, schools, etc.).

Process Digitalisation

In many cases, data collection processes (e.g. in advance of an acquisition) are still manual, despite being perfect candidates for automation. Together, we can help you identify your potentials:

  • accelerating processes via automation and freeing up valuable human resources
  • unleashing the power of digitalisation to unearth data treasures that are typically buried in Excel and Word documents and leverage human information assets within your organisation

Risk Analysis

We link relevant internal and external sources of data, enabling you to analyse risk faster, easier and more powerfully than ever before. Our solutions allow you to evaluate data on a so many items, including over- and underrent, outstanding receivables, LTV, etc. on a daily basis and at the push of a button. In addition, connecting data on other factors, such as flood and credit risks, provides fresh insights into existing (or anticipated) problems.

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